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Find Zen Issa Wednesday and Saturday on Lonergan Lane

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When our 5 boys were aged between 2 and 12 years, we decided to get a bus. We made the bus our home and travelled around Australia for 8 months. During our travel we collected shells, seeds, beach glass and any other treasures we found along the way. I had the opportunity to learn macrame from a friend we met through our journey. I was so fascinated by her work and she was kind enough to teach me the basics and I was hooked from there.

I started creating jewellery with naturally found objects we had collected. Gradually I incorporated crystals, metal and beads into my creations. I taught myself how to weave and work with wire. I joined a couple of jewellery making classes to expand my knowledge in silver smithing. I have worked hard to create designs using my style and feel and people love my work for its uniqueness and vibe.