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At Soul Silver you can find a stunning collection of unique sterling silver jewellery, selected from all around the world, accompanied with my designs and made in Eumundi. I only choose ethically made jewellery of best quality with real gemstones, ensuring long lasting joy for my customers. I am a lover off all things beautiful and sparkling. Therefore, I is not a big surprise that I ended up with a jewellery store. My passion started very early at the age of 8. Back then, I pestered my dad continuously to buy me a jewellery stall.

At the age of 22, I said goodbye to Germany as I decided to pursue my passion and career in Australia. Inspired by a friend I decided to take the leap of faith and started collecting the most stunning pieces of jewellery I could find. I continued to develop my skill and keen eye by attending local silversmith workshops, events and markets. Nowadays, I am creating unique stand out pieces in my studio at home. I gain most of my inspiration from the stone and shape, building the artwork around it. This might take a few minutes, hours, days also happening in dreams overnight.

I also cultivate my creative energy by painting geometric shapes, which has also had a big influence on my designs. My vision is to create heart filled unique jewellery, that brightens your day. In the end, every piece carries a little part of my soul.