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In a time of fast, mass produced products our focus is on creating slow, hand crafted leather goods with each design delivering its own unique beauty that hand tooled leather offers.

When Youness’ son was born in early 2007 he decided he wanted to get creative and start working for himself again. Seeing no reason why not to bring his past work from Morocco to Australia, Leather Gallery was also born. Products came to life in Australia because of a long-standing partnership with community artisans in Morocco, honouring traditional craftsmanship. Providing them with this opportunity keeps their traditional skills alive and provides for them and their families. All leather is ethically sourced and natural dyes used. Youness selects the leather to be used himself knowing the quality, right thickness, and degree of softness required to bring his designs to life. Leather Gallery aims to provide its customers with accessories they love to wear and use. Timeless pieces and new season offerings keeping with a natural, earthy style.